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Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

Course Overview Domestic Violence, the number one public health problem in…

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Understanding Telemedicine: An Overview of the Legal and Ethical Implications and Clinical Principles

Course Goals and Objectives After completing this course, you will: Unders…

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Autism Navigating a System of Care: A Parent and Siblings Perspective

Course Overview This course provides an overview for counselors, lay staff…

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Client Rights & Confidentiality Laws

Course Overview This course will provide participants with information on …

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Criminal Background Screening Procedures

Goals and Objectives To help the reader understand what a background check…

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Dealing with Resistance & Aggression Control

Goals and Objectives To educate the reader on dealing with resistance and …

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Disaster Planning & Responding to Emergency & Disaster Situations

Goals and Objectives The goal of this course is to assist the reader in en…

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Equipping Families for Nurturing Lives

This resource guide provides information and guidance for a broad group of…

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